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In time, your door or gate requirements will change. Management trends and speed of logistics means that upgrades will be needed. Building regulations and improvements in operations will place greater demands on movements in and out of buildings.

Whether it’s installing safety features and adding security devices such as access controllers and remote operation or complying with fire regulations and meeting the demand for energy efficiency savings, Ascot Service Division can upgrade your doors or gates whatever the requirement.


A neglected door or gate can cause great inconvenience to delivery and security systems resulting in a loss of time and money. All doors and gates are subject to wear and tear and accidental damage, but when a door or gate becomes inoperable due to a prolonged period of inactivity or lack of maintenance, an overhaul may be needed. Whether improving aesthetics or refurbishing a door or gate, we can provide estimates and carry out the work in a timely manner.


Converting existing roller shutters, sliding doors, folding doors and sectional overhead doors or gates to electric operation, fully or semi-automatic systems to speed up operations can be incorporated where required. Moving or modifying doors or gates quickly to minimum disruptions are all part of our service.


When a door or gate becomes so badly damaged and emergency work is needed, very often the best option is to replace the door. Replacement doors and gates can be enhanced so that the risk of future damage is minimised.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Following a major upgrade to electrical operation or on site installation of safety equipement you site will be issued with a set of Operation and Maintenance Manuals complete with a Declaration of Conformity to comply with BS EN 13241-1:2003

For more information click on link to HSE Website

Ascot Doors' wide range of industry applications includes

Retail parks & warehouses | Food industries & logistics | Defence installations & airports | Government & pharmaceutical | Public buildings & police stations | Hospitals & surgeries | Banks & offices | Leisure & sports halls | Schools & colleges | Stadia & utilities

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