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High-speed doors

Designed for industrial and commercial use, Ascot’s high-speed door is ideal as an effective environmental barrier, reducing energy costs  whilst providing excellent traffic throughput to cold stores, forklift truck access and other vehicle access points.

Equally significant is the application to clean environments and food preparation areas where airborne contamination and rodent ingress can be kept to a minimum

The Ascot rapid roll consists of a strong polyester reinforced curtain rolling onto an electrically driven barrel supported on robust fabricated guides.  The curtain can be provided with or without a clear 700mm deep vision panel.   External doors are fitted, as standard, with additional wind braces to strengthen the curtain in exposed conditions.

Operation of the doors can be via a number of options including:  Remote controls with key fobs, push button stations, induction loop detection, radar motion sensor, pull cord switches, photo cells or swipe card systems.  Ascot doors can provide a solution to most requirements.

Safety is an essential requirement with all fast acting doors and as such the following features are standard on all models:

Photo electric cell between guides set at low level
Self testing opto-electric safety beam fitted within the bottom rubber seal
Drive unit fitted with safety brake
Manual over-ride to open the door in the event of a power failure

High Speed Door Brochure

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Technical drawings (PDF)

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Operation and Maintenance Manuals (PDF)

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Ascot Doors' wide range of industry applications includes

Retail parks & warehouses | Food industries & logistics | Defence installations & airports | Government & pharmaceutical | Public buildings & police stations | Hospitals & surgeries | Banks & offices | Leisure & sports halls | Schools & colleges | Stadia & utilities

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