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Ascot’s high security doors are independently tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and are suitable for applications requiring security levels SR 1 through to SR5. A range of locking options are available such as sash locks, panic escape bars and access control and includes panic exit security doors, external access security doors, single and double doors.

Ascot Doors employs a leaf and frame design and reinforcing techniques to provide high levels of security. Doors are fitted with door furniture to meet the most demanding specifications. A resilient polyester powder coat base primer reduces maintenance and improves the life of the finished coat; a factory applied polyester top coat or paint to most BS or RAL colours are available as options.

Note:  Many claims are made regarding the security properties of shutters and doors.  Claims are made that doors are “designed in accordance with” or “manufactured to the standard” but only doors certified to an approved standard can be the only ones you can rely on to do what they claim they can.  LPCB (The Testing Body) state that 95% of products they test fail !

To ensure that you get the right product for your project please contact Ascot and speak with one of our High Security Advisors who will be happy to advise you on your requirements and visit site to carry out a specific assessment of your needs.

LPS 1175 security rating 1 tool category A

LPS 1175 security rating 2 tool category B

LPS 1175 security rating 3 tool category C

LPS 1175 security rating 4 tool category D

LPS 1175 security rating 5 tool category D

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Ascot Doors' wide range of industry applications includes

Retail parks & warehouses | Food industries & logistics | Defence installations & airports | Government & pharmaceutical | Public buildings & police stations | Hospitals & surgeries | Banks & offices | Leisure & sports halls | Schools & colleges | Stadia & utilities

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