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Strip curtains

VC strip curtains are an ideal way to prevent entry of airborne pests and a cost effective method of cutting heat loss or retaining chilled air in an area where you need to control the environment such as in a warehouse, factory or food processing plant.

There is a range of strip thicknesses available, from ‘light duty’ for pedestrian/light traffic through to ‘heavy duty’ which are tough and flexible and are capable of withstanding repeated impact from fork-lift trucks and pallet trucks etc. There is also a ribbed strip available for extra armour against heavy traffic use.

High Speed Door Brochure

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Technical drawings (PDF)

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Operation and Maintenance Manuals (PDF)

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Ascot Doors' wide range of industry applications includes

Retail parks & warehouses | Food industries & logistics | Defence installations & airports | Government & pharmaceutical | Public buildings & police stations | Hospitals & surgeries | Banks & offices | Leisure & sports halls | Schools & colleges | Stadia & utilities

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